je t'aime...moi non plus.

listening - brigitte bardot, serge gainsbourg

i should be in bed. but first-
some of my favorite looks at the moment:

more tomorrow.


let's play master and servant

i'm constantly searching for insane fetish heels.
what the fuck? like i will ever be able to wear them.
but oh, it's fun to look.



2.42 am. weather channel.

i've been busy. general housekeepings, running of errands, online-searching of vacation homes for summer vacation fastly approaching.

you know, the usual.

looking forward to next month.

going to see THE CURE in chicago.

it's quite difficult to express excitement through text without coming off completely ignorant and air-headed [i've been waiting 10+years] so i'll keep it at that.


red dress

ruth - polaroid/roman/photo.

i decided i didn't like the floral one-shoulder dress. i also decided that i really, really hated those silver shoes. deleted both from watchlist.
i did, however, purchase a new dress. it's red. i hate myself in red. hopeful that this dress will change my perception of myself in the repulsed clothing color.
excited for its arrival.

keeping my fingers crossed that it will look that good on me.



foot fetish.

4.03 am. thunderstorm.

i've recently developed a newfound obsession with footwear. never before did i really express
much interest in the such, at least, no more than a common one.
i was too busy drooling over actual clothing that i never paid much hommage to shoes.
found a pair i liked + fit
will go with anything
...being, my overly-loved-and-now-ready-to-be-thrown-into-a-dumpster black leather pointed flats.

i know, how boring.
but please know that i've come to learn and accept that shoes are just as important as any other piece in an outfit. they can actually be the focus.
so now i drool over shoes as well.
fucking hell.
now i have something else to keep me on a hunt....to throw away any spare money on.

speaking of money,
ebay is wonderful for shopping.
ebay is wonderful for shoe-shopping.
ebay is wonderful for impulse-buying, buyer's regret, and thus having no money left at all.

i'm insane. i should be asleep.
lovely night-morning to you all.


ebay graveyard.

4.35 pm. no music at the moment. pbs cartoons.

the title says it all.
thought i would share with you some pieces i fought for on ebay....and lost.
i hope to find similar replacements.

vintage ivory lace dress

pleated silver satin brocade dress

jill stuart black satin dress

jill stuart silver lace dress

vintage fishnet lace dress

vintage aqua mini dress

vintage white cutout brogues

sigh. i actually hate looking at all these pictures again.
i can just imagine the outfits i could produce having all these items tucked safely in my closet...

and, the best/worst thing about vintage is that pieces are one of a kind.
if you have it, it's original, and it's yours.
if you don't have it, you'll never find it again.

and, the jill stuart dresses -- two of the prettiest JS dresses i've ever seen listed on ebay without
steep buy-it-nows, and to think, they both ended under $70.

my favorite of my lost items is the silver pleated dress [photo 2].
it's insanely cute, ultra-feminine, and has a flapper look to it.
it's also very versatile.
could have been worn in every season.
oh, i want it.
hope i find another.
fingers crossed.
i have general housekeepings to tend to.
more later.
lovely fun weekend to you all.



4.42 am. no music. listening to the quiet time when everyone else is sleeping.

surprise birthday-party for friend.
first picture is me petting my girlfriend's cat, nemo.
i've threatened to steal him several times now.
second picture is trinity, myself, and danelle [owner of cat].
the surprise party was for her husband.

i'm an amazon in heels.

you can't really make it out in the pictures, but i'm wearing one of my favorite vintage t-shirts. it's tissue thin, super soft, and v-neck. it's also in pristine condition, other than fading and thinning. but hey, that makes it even better. and it's authentic. the shirt's been loved. anywho, it's an english beat shirt from the 80s. anyone remember that band?
also wearing a gray pleated skirt, vintage gray and white pinstriped little boy blazer [adorned with a couple of my music buttons], black ribbed tights, black ankle boots, and a beige knit hat.

this is going to be a brief.
i was just thinking that i should post an abbreviated makeshift version of my current wishlist.
it's fun knowing what other people want.
what they're coveting.
things for which they've been searching for years.
or days.

highly abbreviated, remember.

. feather hat, preferably bright teal/turquoise
. high-waisted short skirts
. high-waisted cuffed/pleated shorts
. lace-up black gladiator boots
. straw trilby hat
. black wellies
. sheer tights
. tulip skirts
. american apparel deep-v t-shirts
. vintage leather satchel/cargo purse in a camel color
. new or vintage frilly [but classic] blouses
. avant-garde structured pieces
. large pop-art novelty-printed pieces
. vintage band t-shirts, as always [i stay away from black ones. too common.]
. modern structured platform wedges
. givenchy shoes
. tsumori chisato satin multi hooded jacket [haven't been able to find one of these in a very long time......sigh]

and that's just clothing.
you don't even want to peek at my music wishlist.
eh. i'll most likely end up posting a small snippet of it, too.
at some point.

i also have a toy wishlist
and a wishlist for my son.........

goodnight, goodnight, good morning.


almost human. almost.

6.19 pm. omd. souvenir.

still sick. but feeling better with each day that passes.
sunny out, but a bit cold.
waiting for a warm, toasty, sunshiny day to make my outside debut.
it's been too long.
hello, sunshine.
hello, spring.
hello, ALLERGIES>.
DIE, please. all of you. thankyou.

i was eyeing a really cool vintage sleeveless top on ebay a couple weeks back.
had a novelty comic print all over it.
went for too much.
more than i was willing to pay, at least.
over $40.

i've been frequenting the ebay search box since, looking for something similar. no luck yet-

i have more to post.
however i'm feeling a bit snackish.
actually, snackish isn't the correct term.
i'm hungry.
stomach grumblies and all.
it's late.........midnight to be exact. i think i'll opt for a warm bowl of oatmeal,
topped with fresh bananas. sprinkling of brown sugar. yumm.

speaking of food, i'll be posting more recipes.
i'm just as obsessed with food as i am with clothes.
i have A LOT of clothing.
but i have more recipes.
it's amazing that i stay slender enough to fit into half my clothing. i loved baked goods.

i would kill for a fresh bluberry scone right now.

oh, enough.
hunger calls.

exceptionally lovely night to you all.

near-death bed

broadcast - corporeal.

firstly, if you haven't heard this album, find it now, and listen.

i demand it.

discovered it a few years ago whilst on one of countless trips to louisville

record-shopping + such

i've been in love with broadcast since.

all of their albums are brilliant.

go listen.


so i haven't posted in forever.

i've been sick.

very, very sick.

for over a week now. and still counting.

started with a sniffle.....then sore throat.....then full-on flu.

fucking flu.


those bastards.

turned into a full-on sinus infection. sorry if you're squeamish, but i've been blowing mustard-yellow and red from my nose for days now. and it just keeps coming.

i'm on antibiotics and heavy painkillers.

the headache [understatement] that comes along with a sinus infection is ungodly.

absolute worst pain i've ever felt in my life, next to contractions.


so, i've been resting.


slowly........but surely....beginning to feel myself again. almost.

i'm also able to actually taste food again.

first thing i wanted?

french fries and ketchup. MMmmm ketchup.

i'm a health nut. i never allow myself such greasy, overly sodiumed, bad things.

so i indulged....just this once.

tasted like heaven after a week of pretzels, crackers, and noodle soup.

today i cooked a roasted red pepper and turkey meatloaf.

white cheddar + thyme mashed red potatoes.
steamed zucchini and squash.
pumperknickel loaf.

= fuck, yes.

i stole the recipe for the meatloaf from the march 2008 issue of Real Simple whilst waiting in the lobby of my son's pediatrician's office. he's caught my nasty flu. :(

getting better, though.

he's a trooper.

[i have the recipe if anyone's interested.]


so i haven't mentioned the insanely gorgeous dress i won on ebay last month.

i came across it on a random search, browsing through a seller's items, and

i was in heaven.

there were no bids, so i thought i had the gem all to myself, that no one else had discovered it yet.

there was a reserve on it however.

that intimidated me a bit, seeing as how said seller runs a vintage shop in L.A., and every now and then re-works vintage pieces into brand new one-of-a-kind pieces, and pops them on ebay.

one-of-a-kind = very expensive, to me.

but i didn't get my hopes up.

up until the final day i was the only bidder, having not reached the reserve yet.

so i went all out.

finally broke it.

in the final hours someone battled me over the magnificent dress, but i'd marked my territory long before.

i lose a lot of things on ebay. but i wasn't losing this one.

and i didn't.

i'm still in a bit of a shock. i've never owned something that i've lusted so much over. nor anything so pretty and dramatic.

dress, shareen vintage via ebay, $250

i haven't received it yet. expecting it later this week. not sure what i'm going to do with it. i need to find somewhere to wear it. or perhaps i'll just save it to get married in. i've always liked the idea of having a very non-traditional, simple, elegant, outside wedding. besides, it could look quite classic with a simple updo and simple diamond necklace + earrings. and the right shoes.
in spring or autumn.
i love flowers, but i also love the turning of leaves.
and october has to be my absolute favorite month.
perfect weather, and my favorite holiday.......halloween.
not in a horror-goth way, just in that it brings back happy childhood memories.
dressing up, scouting neighborhoods, collecting candy, getting home and spilling it out, organizing and counting it, then eating enough to make your stomach ache for days....

what fun is there not to be had there?

i've done quite a bit of impulse shopping on ebay recently. i'll post my latest buys in my next blog. all quite cheap, though. and anyone who knows me knows i'm the ultimate bargain shopper. i'm quite good at finding awesome pieces very, very cheap.
except for that dress, of course.
shhhhhh. that was a one-time thing.

it's late.

i should attempt sleep.

nerd glasses. don't be afraid of them.


sunny and cold

jesus and mary chain - taste the floor
i'm quite over the frigid weather. looking forward to spring.
picked up the british elle mag today. whopping 9 bucks. not only do we have to pay a lot for fashionable clothes....we also have to pay a lot to know what's fashionable.
made me very happy to see so much color.
color, florals, bold prints.
sunshine, rainbows, and flowers.
and cake.

i'm not too keen on the term 'fashion', however.
i love fashion. not fads, mind you.

it's interesting to see what's going to be hot next season. fun.

i don't read fashion mags so that i can go out the next day and grab all the latest trends off the racks. i actually try to find similar pieces in vintage form. i like the pictures. i like being able to 'oooh' and 'aaaaah' at the pretty things, and scoff at the horrid and the i'd-never-be-caught-dead-in's.

i look for inspiration. it's fun to flip through the pages and spot different pieces, relate them to ones in your own closet, and piece together different outfits in your mind.

plus.....the daydreams.

oh, pretty things i'll never afford...

look! i'm an american apparel ad waiting to happen.
ok, so what.
i love love love my black lame leggings. they look like liquid rubber and look good with everything.
and i practically live in my salt + pepper fleece hoodie.
i've had both for a long time.
i recommend both.
permanent wardrobe staples.
go get yours now.
they can still be pulled off well through spring, even cool summer nights.
the leggings, that is.
and who doesn't want a comfy, cuddly, security-blanket-garment that goes on or comes off with the mere push or pull of a zipper?
the hood is a plus.
i love hoods.

more later.


rain, rain, go away...

hood. the negatives.

it's been raining most of the day. well into evening now.
contemplating purchasing a pair of cheap 3D glasses-

it's all for novelty, anyhow....

they'll be all over the runways come next season.
perhaps not, no?



potato sandwich for late-lunch.
make your own.

quartered red potatoes, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with thyme. roast until browned + crispy on edges.
two slices of your preferred sliced bread. i recommend oatmeal. toast.
two slices provolone.
fresh baby spinach, washed, drained.
plain yellow mustard.


slice of bread
slice of provolone
baby spinach [as much as you can pile on]
hot potatoes
slice of provolone
yellow mustard, be generous
slice of bread

=smoosh. halve w/knife. eat. yummm.

fyi. not a vegetarian.....however, i do love a good vegetarian meal. i also love meat.

onward to the talk of fashion and such:

whilst browsing through my local favorite bookstore, coffee in hand, i noticed this little gem on the racks.
i was instantly intrigued by the miss on the cover, rabbit figurine in hand.
[i have quite a kin liking to rabbits.]
i do so enjoy this mag. interesting reads, colorful photographs at which to look.
my sole complaint- was not long enough. seemed to have ended a bit too soon.
do pick up, though.
they even have a website. you can browse the entire mag page-by-page on it.

anywho. tonight is a rare night. i just might sleep.

lovely night to you. dream safe.
eat your oatmeal. wear black tights.

lazy friday afternoon

2.41 pm. smiths, headmaster ritual.
the smell of rain is in the air. hopeful that spring will come sooner than forecasted.
the house is uncommonly quiet today.......sans child, home alone.