foot fetish.

4.03 am. thunderstorm.

i've recently developed a newfound obsession with footwear. never before did i really express
much interest in the such, at least, no more than a common one.
i was too busy drooling over actual clothing that i never paid much hommage to shoes.
found a pair i liked + fit
will go with anything
...being, my overly-loved-and-now-ready-to-be-thrown-into-a-dumpster black leather pointed flats.

i know, how boring.
but please know that i've come to learn and accept that shoes are just as important as any other piece in an outfit. they can actually be the focus.
so now i drool over shoes as well.
fucking hell.
now i have something else to keep me on a hunt....to throw away any spare money on.

speaking of money,
ebay is wonderful for shopping.
ebay is wonderful for shoe-shopping.
ebay is wonderful for impulse-buying, buyer's regret, and thus having no money left at all.

i'm insane. i should be asleep.
lovely night-morning to you all.


Sally Jane said...

I like the sandals with the cuffs. I've recently become a bit shoe obsessed. I've never really worn heels, but now I can't get enough of them.

b. said...

i'm the same way. i'm really tall, so i always stayed away from heels in fear of looking like an amazon woman. i've grown to love them. i've grown to like myself in them.

Fashiofillers said...

The 'hookery' boots are amazing indeed, with the right outfit. I'd love to buy them, but though I usually don't care about what other people think of my style, I wouldn't dare to wear those. Too bad!