ebay graveyard.

4.35 pm. no music at the moment. pbs cartoons.

the title says it all.
thought i would share with you some pieces i fought for on ebay....and lost.
i hope to find similar replacements.

vintage ivory lace dress

pleated silver satin brocade dress

jill stuart black satin dress

jill stuart silver lace dress

vintage fishnet lace dress

vintage aqua mini dress

vintage white cutout brogues

sigh. i actually hate looking at all these pictures again.
i can just imagine the outfits i could produce having all these items tucked safely in my closet...

and, the best/worst thing about vintage is that pieces are one of a kind.
if you have it, it's original, and it's yours.
if you don't have it, you'll never find it again.

and, the jill stuart dresses -- two of the prettiest JS dresses i've ever seen listed on ebay without
steep buy-it-nows, and to think, they both ended under $70.

my favorite of my lost items is the silver pleated dress [photo 2].
it's insanely cute, ultra-feminine, and has a flapper look to it.
it's also very versatile.
could have been worn in every season.
oh, i want it.
hope i find another.
fingers crossed.
i have general housekeepings to tend to.
more later.
lovely fun weekend to you all.


fashionfillers said...

Oh my gosh, that 'pleated silver satin brocade dress' is one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen, I'm so going to make it myself, haha.

b. said...

ah! i know. it was my favorite. i've been feverishly searching for a similar one, to no avail.
oooooh. you can sew. make me one, too, please? [please]