2.42 am. weather channel.

i've been busy. general housekeepings, running of errands, online-searching of vacation homes for summer vacation fastly approaching.

you know, the usual.

looking forward to next month.

going to see THE CURE in chicago.

it's quite difficult to express excitement through text without coming off completely ignorant and air-headed [i've been waiting 10+years] so i'll keep it at that.


Always In Style said...

I really like your eBay finds but I agree it's such a drag when you forget to bid and lose out on some cheap great stuff.

I'm heartbroken over the Bottega Veneta clutch that went for only $25 yesterday :-(

b. said...

wow, 25 bucks?! what a steal. i always seem to miss the steals. ebay is highly addictive.