near-death bed

broadcast - corporeal.

firstly, if you haven't heard this album, find it now, and listen.

i demand it.

discovered it a few years ago whilst on one of countless trips to louisville

record-shopping + such

i've been in love with broadcast since.

all of their albums are brilliant.

go listen.


so i haven't posted in forever.

i've been sick.

very, very sick.

for over a week now. and still counting.

started with a sniffle.....then sore throat.....then full-on flu.

fucking flu.


those bastards.

turned into a full-on sinus infection. sorry if you're squeamish, but i've been blowing mustard-yellow and red from my nose for days now. and it just keeps coming.

i'm on antibiotics and heavy painkillers.

the headache [understatement] that comes along with a sinus infection is ungodly.

absolute worst pain i've ever felt in my life, next to contractions.


so, i've been resting.


slowly........but surely....beginning to feel myself again. almost.

i'm also able to actually taste food again.

first thing i wanted?

french fries and ketchup. MMmmm ketchup.

i'm a health nut. i never allow myself such greasy, overly sodiumed, bad things.

so i indulged....just this once.

tasted like heaven after a week of pretzels, crackers, and noodle soup.

today i cooked a roasted red pepper and turkey meatloaf.

white cheddar + thyme mashed red potatoes.
steamed zucchini and squash.
pumperknickel loaf.

= fuck, yes.

i stole the recipe for the meatloaf from the march 2008 issue of Real Simple whilst waiting in the lobby of my son's pediatrician's office. he's caught my nasty flu. :(

getting better, though.

he's a trooper.

[i have the recipe if anyone's interested.]


so i haven't mentioned the insanely gorgeous dress i won on ebay last month.

i came across it on a random search, browsing through a seller's items, and

i was in heaven.

there were no bids, so i thought i had the gem all to myself, that no one else had discovered it yet.

there was a reserve on it however.

that intimidated me a bit, seeing as how said seller runs a vintage shop in L.A., and every now and then re-works vintage pieces into brand new one-of-a-kind pieces, and pops them on ebay.

one-of-a-kind = very expensive, to me.

but i didn't get my hopes up.

up until the final day i was the only bidder, having not reached the reserve yet.

so i went all out.

finally broke it.

in the final hours someone battled me over the magnificent dress, but i'd marked my territory long before.

i lose a lot of things on ebay. but i wasn't losing this one.

and i didn't.

i'm still in a bit of a shock. i've never owned something that i've lusted so much over. nor anything so pretty and dramatic.

dress, shareen vintage via ebay, $250

i haven't received it yet. expecting it later this week. not sure what i'm going to do with it. i need to find somewhere to wear it. or perhaps i'll just save it to get married in. i've always liked the idea of having a very non-traditional, simple, elegant, outside wedding. besides, it could look quite classic with a simple updo and simple diamond necklace + earrings. and the right shoes.
in spring or autumn.
i love flowers, but i also love the turning of leaves.
and october has to be my absolute favorite month.
perfect weather, and my favorite holiday.......halloween.
not in a horror-goth way, just in that it brings back happy childhood memories.
dressing up, scouting neighborhoods, collecting candy, getting home and spilling it out, organizing and counting it, then eating enough to make your stomach ache for days....

what fun is there not to be had there?

i've done quite a bit of impulse shopping on ebay recently. i'll post my latest buys in my next blog. all quite cheap, though. and anyone who knows me knows i'm the ultimate bargain shopper. i'm quite good at finding awesome pieces very, very cheap.
except for that dress, of course.
shhhhhh. that was a one-time thing.

it's late.

i should attempt sleep.

nerd glasses. don't be afraid of them.


craftycrowvintage said...

This dress is absolutely stunning! How rare to find a dress that combines fun girly elements like tiered ruffles with something as edgy as these amazing cross-over straps. I'm completely fixated on maxi dresses right now, I think I'll go on a little ebay hunt of my own!

b. said...

oh, oh. how i hate to admit it, but i received the dress today, and the rain should have been warning. the dress had stains, tears, and a very noticeable hole. i'm completely heartbroken. the dress looked so pristine in the pictures, and the seller didn't mention any flaws whatsoever. after mourning for a few hours, i became infuriated, and messaged the seller. i paid almost $300 for a dress that looks like it's been dragged in dirt and run over a couple times. how depressing. she hasn't responded to my email yet. don't let my gloomy tale discourage you from your ebay hunt, though. there are many great things to be found. many of my most prized possessions came from ebay. cheers.

fashionfillers said...

Too bad of the stains, just try to fix it, and find a dude to get married with, cause it would be god damn beautiful for a wedding!

b. said...

fucking hell, right? update on that scenario - the seller refunded all of my money and insisted that i keep the dress. so i have it, and it's been sitting in a box in my closet since. i'd hang it up, but it would only sadden me. perhaps i'll try to fix it up one day. perhaps i'll just try to sell it.

punky said...

aww, that dress is so pretty...thats so sad.

b. said...

i'm going to sell it. i don't have the time to dedicate to restoring it.