almost human. almost.

6.19 pm. omd. souvenir.

still sick. but feeling better with each day that passes.
sunny out, but a bit cold.
waiting for a warm, toasty, sunshiny day to make my outside debut.
it's been too long.
hello, sunshine.
hello, spring.
hello, ALLERGIES>.
DIE, please. all of you. thankyou.

i was eyeing a really cool vintage sleeveless top on ebay a couple weeks back.
had a novelty comic print all over it.
went for too much.
more than i was willing to pay, at least.
over $40.

i've been frequenting the ebay search box since, looking for something similar. no luck yet-

i have more to post.
however i'm feeling a bit snackish.
actually, snackish isn't the correct term.
i'm hungry.
stomach grumblies and all.
it's late.........midnight to be exact. i think i'll opt for a warm bowl of oatmeal,
topped with fresh bananas. sprinkling of brown sugar. yumm.

speaking of food, i'll be posting more recipes.
i'm just as obsessed with food as i am with clothes.
i have A LOT of clothing.
but i have more recipes.
it's amazing that i stay slender enough to fit into half my clothing. i loved baked goods.

i would kill for a fresh bluberry scone right now.

oh, enough.
hunger calls.

exceptionally lovely night to you all.

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