sunny and cold

jesus and mary chain - taste the floor
i'm quite over the frigid weather. looking forward to spring.
picked up the british elle mag today. whopping 9 bucks. not only do we have to pay a lot for fashionable clothes....we also have to pay a lot to know what's fashionable.
made me very happy to see so much color.
color, florals, bold prints.
sunshine, rainbows, and flowers.
and cake.

i'm not too keen on the term 'fashion', however.
i love fashion. not fads, mind you.

it's interesting to see what's going to be hot next season. fun.

i don't read fashion mags so that i can go out the next day and grab all the latest trends off the racks. i actually try to find similar pieces in vintage form. i like the pictures. i like being able to 'oooh' and 'aaaaah' at the pretty things, and scoff at the horrid and the i'd-never-be-caught-dead-in's.

i look for inspiration. it's fun to flip through the pages and spot different pieces, relate them to ones in your own closet, and piece together different outfits in your mind.

plus.....the daydreams.

oh, pretty things i'll never afford...

look! i'm an american apparel ad waiting to happen.
ok, so what.
i love love love my black lame leggings. they look like liquid rubber and look good with everything.
and i practically live in my salt + pepper fleece hoodie.
i've had both for a long time.
i recommend both.
permanent wardrobe staples.
go get yours now.
they can still be pulled off well through spring, even cool summer nights.
the leggings, that is.
and who doesn't want a comfy, cuddly, security-blanket-garment that goes on or comes off with the mere push or pull of a zipper?
the hood is a plus.
i love hoods.

more later.


rain, rain, go away...

hood. the negatives.

it's been raining most of the day. well into evening now.
contemplating purchasing a pair of cheap 3D glasses-

it's all for novelty, anyhow....

they'll be all over the runways come next season.
perhaps not, no?



potato sandwich for late-lunch.
make your own.

quartered red potatoes, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with thyme. roast until browned + crispy on edges.
two slices of your preferred sliced bread. i recommend oatmeal. toast.
two slices provolone.
fresh baby spinach, washed, drained.
plain yellow mustard.


slice of bread
slice of provolone
baby spinach [as much as you can pile on]
hot potatoes
slice of provolone
yellow mustard, be generous
slice of bread

=smoosh. halve w/knife. eat. yummm.

fyi. not a vegetarian.....however, i do love a good vegetarian meal. i also love meat.

onward to the talk of fashion and such:

whilst browsing through my local favorite bookstore, coffee in hand, i noticed this little gem on the racks.
i was instantly intrigued by the miss on the cover, rabbit figurine in hand.
[i have quite a kin liking to rabbits.]
i do so enjoy this mag. interesting reads, colorful photographs at which to look.
my sole complaint- was not long enough. seemed to have ended a bit too soon.
do pick up, though.
they even have a website. you can browse the entire mag page-by-page on it.

anywho. tonight is a rare night. i just might sleep.

lovely night to you. dream safe.
eat your oatmeal. wear black tights.

lazy friday afternoon

2.41 pm. smiths, headmaster ritual.
the smell of rain is in the air. hopeful that spring will come sooner than forecasted.
the house is uncommonly quiet today.......sans child, home alone.