rain, rain, go away...

hood. the negatives.

it's been raining most of the day. well into evening now.
contemplating purchasing a pair of cheap 3D glasses-

it's all for novelty, anyhow....

they'll be all over the runways come next season.
perhaps not, no?



potato sandwich for late-lunch.
make your own.

quartered red potatoes, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with thyme. roast until browned + crispy on edges.
two slices of your preferred sliced bread. i recommend oatmeal. toast.
two slices provolone.
fresh baby spinach, washed, drained.
plain yellow mustard.


slice of bread
slice of provolone
baby spinach [as much as you can pile on]
hot potatoes
slice of provolone
yellow mustard, be generous
slice of bread

=smoosh. halve w/knife. eat. yummm.

fyi. not a vegetarian.....however, i do love a good vegetarian meal. i also love meat.

onward to the talk of fashion and such:

whilst browsing through my local favorite bookstore, coffee in hand, i noticed this little gem on the racks.
i was instantly intrigued by the miss on the cover, rabbit figurine in hand.
[i have quite a kin liking to rabbits.]
i do so enjoy this mag. interesting reads, colorful photographs at which to look.
my sole complaint- was not long enough. seemed to have ended a bit too soon.
do pick up, though.
they even have a website. you can browse the entire mag page-by-page on it.

anywho. tonight is a rare night. i just might sleep.

lovely night to you. dream safe.
eat your oatmeal. wear black tights.

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