red dress

ruth - polaroid/roman/photo.

i decided i didn't like the floral one-shoulder dress. i also decided that i really, really hated those silver shoes. deleted both from watchlist.
i did, however, purchase a new dress. it's red. i hate myself in red. hopeful that this dress will change my perception of myself in the repulsed clothing color.
excited for its arrival.

keeping my fingers crossed that it will look that good on me.



everything's all mixed up said...

ooooh, did you buy this one? i bet that one looks cute on you!!! hahaha...i dont know about those shoes though...i have never been a big fan of gold shoes...well, gold anything really...reminds me of those old ladies in vegas...hahah

b. said...

yes, i won this one. it ended pretty cheap, and nobody else was bidding on it.
i have yet to wear it...waiting for it to warm up more.
no, the shoes were not included. i am contemplating purchasing a gargantuate gold foil handbag the size of my torso. vegas, here i come.

Hailey @ stylesymmetry.com said...

love it! good luck.