4.42 am. no music. listening to the quiet time when everyone else is sleeping.

surprise birthday-party for friend.
first picture is me petting my girlfriend's cat, nemo.
i've threatened to steal him several times now.
second picture is trinity, myself, and danelle [owner of cat].
the surprise party was for her husband.

i'm an amazon in heels.

you can't really make it out in the pictures, but i'm wearing one of my favorite vintage t-shirts. it's tissue thin, super soft, and v-neck. it's also in pristine condition, other than fading and thinning. but hey, that makes it even better. and it's authentic. the shirt's been loved. anywho, it's an english beat shirt from the 80s. anyone remember that band?
also wearing a gray pleated skirt, vintage gray and white pinstriped little boy blazer [adorned with a couple of my music buttons], black ribbed tights, black ankle boots, and a beige knit hat.

this is going to be a brief.
i was just thinking that i should post an abbreviated makeshift version of my current wishlist.
it's fun knowing what other people want.
what they're coveting.
things for which they've been searching for years.
or days.

highly abbreviated, remember.

. feather hat, preferably bright teal/turquoise
. high-waisted short skirts
. high-waisted cuffed/pleated shorts
. lace-up black gladiator boots
. straw trilby hat
. black wellies
. sheer tights
. tulip skirts
. american apparel deep-v t-shirts
. vintage leather satchel/cargo purse in a camel color
. new or vintage frilly [but classic] blouses
. avant-garde structured pieces
. large pop-art novelty-printed pieces
. vintage band t-shirts, as always [i stay away from black ones. too common.]
. modern structured platform wedges
. givenchy shoes
. tsumori chisato satin multi hooded jacket [haven't been able to find one of these in a very long time......sigh]

and that's just clothing.
you don't even want to peek at my music wishlist.
eh. i'll most likely end up posting a small snippet of it, too.
at some point.

i also have a toy wishlist
and a wishlist for my son.........

goodnight, goodnight, good morning.

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